• True passion for our craft is found in the creation of visually striking images that go beyond words. We captivate our audience by inviting them to experience and embrace a moment. Encouraging them to make it their own in thought and feeling. It’s no wonder, that “innovation” and “precision” are our key focuses on each project.
  • Commercial Photographer, Haute Couture Media

Jonathan D. Orozco is a noted fashion photographer and Creative Director of Haute Couture Media. His photography and design work have been featured in acclaimed publications such as Vogue, GQ, and the LA Times as well campaigns for Dior, Blackberry, Coca-Cola, and Marriott Hotels International. His images are known for embracing humanity to tell a story beyond words and captivating the viewer to take in the moment he is compelled to capture. Aside from directing shoots, Jonathan's marketing firm works with clients to build brands and campaigns from conception to full publication.

  • Motion Graphics Designer, Haute Couture Media

Shady is an M.D. with a post graduate degree in Medicine and Surgery. Through his studies, practice, and service he has kept up with a passion for motion graphics. We are proud to feature him as a key designer. His design work has been featured in many Egyptian non-governmental organizations, educational surgery, and Christian ministries.

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